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History of Service

ABC Staff Supply is a result of over forty years of business practice. It is an expansion of a family run taxi business, bought in the late 1970's.

Temporary staff supply started in 1999, initially supplying workers for strawberry picking and other field work such as the harvesting of cabbage, lettuces, brussel sprouts, spring onions and leeks.

The business expanded to include the supply of pack house staff and staff to the factory environment, areas including, food processing, strawberry packing, onion washing and peeling and others such as supply of staff to non-food related sectors.

The people transfer services in the group expanded by adding a fleet of minibuses to its existing fleet of taxi's and minicabs. In 2008, this became a company in its own right, Eazy Travel Minibus Hire now, independently of its parent company, offers people transfer services to the general public, as well as, transporting our workers to work site.

temporary staff recruitment services

Our approach to Temporary Recruitment business

Through almost a generation in business practice, we have learned how to look after our customers and that, without providing effective solutions to cater for customer needs, a business will always remain short of its true commercial potential.

As an organisation, we are licensed by both The Gangmasters Licensing Authority ( GLA ) and VOSA, giving us the edge over our competitors who outsource worker transport to outside bus companies. This also provides us with the opportunity to offer lower labour rates and allows for better control over punctuality, the arrival of workers on to site at the start of a working shift.

Ours is a long term business plan, to build a labour supply business second to none. We appreciate that this can only be achieved through clear understanding of what our clients need from us, in order to realise the true commercial potential of their businesses

ABC Staff Supply today provides a first class temporary recruitment in Midlands for the food sector and non food related industries.


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