Labour Rates

We recognize that the cost of labour is a major expense for our clients, we minimise the impact of this cost by providing a well managed, enthusiastic and hard working workforce, at a reasonable price.

For more details on service regions for our temporary recruitment agency service see our service locations page

Ensuring maximum production per worker is our primary objective at all times. For our clients, the higher production levels mean the over all labour cost is kept to a minimum.

ABC Recruitment Services labour rates

We make every effort to offer competitive labour rates. All rates are negotiated and agreed through discussions.

Unlike some other mainstream recruitment agencies who also provide permanent recruitment services, we are purely a temporary staffing agency, our focus is always only on temporary staffing. This allows us to concentrate on efficiency in relation to temporary recruitment service provision and is reflected in lower labour rates.

Our organisation is licensed by both The Gangmasters Licensing Authority ( GLA ) and VOSA. This allows us to offer lower priced temporary labour, we do not need to out source the transportation of our staff to outside bus companies.

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